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The face of truth

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Alleen in de logica, in de wiskunde en in de natuurwetenschappen is de waarheid anoniem, dat wil zeggen objektief geldig; gaat het over mensen en hun meningen, dan kan zoiets als waarheid alleen geboren worden wanneer men het gezicht en het stemgeluid van de spreker er bij geleverd krijgt. — Harry Mulisch

Translates roughly as follows: “Only in logic, mathematics and nature science is truth anonym, i.e. objectively valid. When it deals with people and their opinions, something like truth can only appear when the face and voice of its bearer is delivered with it.”

Laws of politics - entry #13

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Our leaders, both in the EU and the US, paid careful attention to the lessons learned in the French Revolution, namely that as long as you keep your people well fed and entertained, you can do whatever you damn well please. In the French Revolution, the people storming the Bastille had nothing to lose. But our level of comfort is carefully maintained to keep actual violent revolt from ever happening. Even the poor in our countries have too much to lose (thanks to government programs)to risk anything angrier than waving a slogan on a posterboard sign. -- Original Replica

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