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A gentle introduction to Gödel's theorem

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David Morgan-Mar, author of Irregular Webcomic, performs a feat of pedagogy with his presentation of Gödel's theorem

... as an annotation in issue #1845 of Irregular WebComic!.

As a fan of Hofstadter I recognize that this explanation work is truly a mastery of pedagogy. It introduces Gödel's theorem and its impact smoothly and clearly, making it understandable to anyone with a basic understanding of science.

Instead of watching Discovery Channel, read the Irregular WebComic!

Death and identity

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Raping history as a way to deal with social identity issues

In 1793, as it just overtook power in France, the new government decided to open the tombs of the French kings in Saint-Denis and throw a thousand years of history into a pit as a celebration of their victory.

In 2001, the Taliban destroyed the two gigantic Buddhas of Bamyan, erasing 1400 years of historical significance with a few kilograms of plastic.

Now I wonder; why putting so much effort in erasing their own past, if their position in their present time was accepted, justifiable and welcome?

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