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Passphrase Generator

by kena last modified 2007-01-06 18:04

Passphrase generator for Opie (Sharp Zaurus and other Linux-based PDAs)

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See below.


Latest version is 0.4. You need at least one of the following: Main program, Random number generator and word list.

Package name Description
Main program The application core.
Random number generator The entropy gatherer used by the application. This package is architecture-independant.
Random number generator, optimized version Binary version of the previous program, compiled for SL5500.
Word list for English Language files
Word list for French Language files
Word list for Swedish Language files
Word list for Lojban Language files
Source code Source code for the application

The documentation is included in the source code package. Here is a copy:

See also

The program Keyring might come handy if you have a poor memory or have to remember a lot of different passphrases.


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